Top 6 Reasons You Are Not Losing Weight Despite of Eating Less

There’s a reason why the numbers aren’t going down on the scale or you’re not really seeing any difference in your body . Let go off the whiny feeling. Because, the reality is that you’re overestimating your daily caloric intake. Let me walk you through the top 5 reasons why you are not losing weight despite of eating less.

Excess of any food is going to be stored in the body as fat

The Macros 

You’re eating more Carbohydrates and Fats. These two macro-nutrients provide ample energy to your body. High carb foods such as all kind of Cereals (Wheat/Rice/Corn and products), Millets (Pearl millet/Finger millet/Foxtail millet e.t.c), Sugar (All processed foods with multiple ingredient list/table sugar/honey/molasses and other sugars including artificial sugars), and High fat foods such as all processed foods, Oils (including olive oil), Fast foods restaurant meals, Ready to eat meals, and Animal products (meat/egg/dairy/fish). 

Inactive Lifestyle 

Sit more, stand and walk less lifestyle leads to less insulin response, no calorie burn, slower metabolic rate, and zero weight loss. Even if you might be a regular gym goer, you won’t lose any fat with a sedentary lifestyle. Many Studies show that people with higher NEAT(Non Exercise Activity Thermogenesis) have more leaner bodies. If you have a desk-job try to stand after every 20 minutes. Take as many steps as you can during the day. Make it a habit to walk for 10 minutes each post breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Eating Out 

Well-planned meals cooked at home have less sodium, sugar, and fats. Better measure each ingredient before adding them to your recipes. In restaurants and other food joints, you are prone to overeat due to large portions served. If you’re someone who has no option other than eating out then choose to eat wisely. First, order a smaller serving of anything you eat. Next, Eat a simple salad or soup as a starter sans any dressings or cream base. Additionally, you may substitute your sugary drinks with plain iced water or a seltzer drink.

Late Night Munchies 

Eating balanced meals throughout the day might help lower night time cravings. Post-evening your metabolism (rate at which body uses energy a.k.a calories) is slower. Hence, your body is in a fat-storing mode. Also, during ancient times, people ate food before or during sunset. Why? To enhance digestion. Furthermore, eating early aids in better sleep. So, for your last meal aim to eat less calorie dense meals and include more easy to digest vegetable based dishes with a healthy protein option. 

Underlying Medical Condition 

Hypothyroid, a condition in which your body has low thyroid levels. The big side effect is weight gain. Please consult with your doctor if you notice any of the following major symptoms such as lethargy, weight gain, constipation e.t.c. Next, PCOS (Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome) caused mainly by hormonal imbalance in the body. Practice a self-care routine, stay hydrated, eat the right amounts of quality foods, do regular physical activity, manage stress, and above all do regular routine health checkups.

Drinking Empty Calories 

This includes sugary drinks, soda, store-bought fruit juices, alcohol, all the processed drinks with more than 5g sugars on the nutrition label (Watch out for hidden sugars on the ingredients list). Diet drinks have artificial sugars (an alien substance for the body) that may hamper bodily functions. Instead, opt for plain warm/cold filtered water, vegetable juices, homemade smoothies, seltzer water, sparkling water, fresh unpackaged coconut water, also black tea and coffee in limited amounts is acceptable. 

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Let me know what struggles you’re facing right now regarding your weight loss?