Top 5 Fruits to Include in your Weight Loss Plan

Different colors found in fruits mark the presence of flavonoid content. Flavonoids are known for their disease fighting and fat burning abilities. Fruits should hold a major part in your diet especially when you strive to lose weight. Lets look at the top 5 fruits that you may include into your weight loss plan.


Rich in soluble fiber known as pectin, apple help metabolize fat in the body. Your perfect solution to a mid-afternoon munch. It helps with your sugary cravings, satiates you, and is naturally low in calories. Apple is an all season fruit, though some varieties are available only in specific season. Go ahead and eat the whole apple in it’s natural form, without removing it’s outer skin. Further, Apples may feed the good gut bacteria in the body. Many researches show that the good bacterial gut balance may help inhibit the storage of body fat.


As the name suggests, it substitutes of 91% water. This summer fruit is a very well- known diuretic. Moreover, the fiber in the fruit may help you keep satiated for long. It also cleanses the body and clears out any constipation issues. Plus natural sugars in them will satisfy your sugar urge. Besides, the sugar found in fruits are invariably better than the sugary processed foods. Their alkaline nature helps fight inflammation in the body. Along-with the flesh, the rind and seeds are edible as well. When had in limits, this fruit fits perfectly as a low calorie snack.


When your job is to lose weight, focus to get more nutrient dense and less energy dense foods. Oranges have a bountiful amount of vitamin c, fiber, and some B-vitamins. Low in fat and calories, these make a healthy replacement to your calorie rich munchies. High in water content, they are great appetite suppressants. Steer clear of the packaged orange juices as they provide zero nutrition. Instead peel the whole fruit and savor in its natural state. 


Saturated fats, a high debated topic was linked with high cholesterol levels. But, recent researches deny any correlation between a high saturated diet and raised cholesterol levels. In reality, Saturated fats found in plants have a completely different profile than in animal fats. Coconut meat, oil, and water are the best sources of good plant fats. Moderate amounts of good fats must have a place in our diets even when the goal is to lose fat. Take note: Coconut is a fruit but classified as a nut and seed as well . 


This imminent fruit has high levels of mono-unsaturated fatty acids in them. Also known as MUFA’s, they are categorized as good dietary fats. MUFA’s in the avocado help target belly fat, and mobilize your body fat stores. Also, the MUFA’s in them lower the risk of one of the most common lifestyle health disorder- the heart disease. Avocados are rich in fats, so limit the intake to a quarter to half at a time. 

I would love to hear from you! Do you eat your fruits daily? What fruits will you include today in your diet?