Will Eating Small Portions Help Me Lose Weight?

Always. In today’s time, we’ve turned lazy. The current lifestyle we lead is so effortless that we get little to no activity. We drive to the gym. We seldom use our bodies to do any regular task. Life has become so simple. Yet, to us it’s still complicated.

Little we walk. There’s convenience in each and every step. With such little activity and an under-active lifestyle, it’s very important to eat less in-order to lose weight and maintain a good health. 

Less Food = Less Calories

Obviousness. Small portion sizes provide less calories to your body. And, the major part of weight loss is consumption of less calories. When you eat any meal, first start with a small portion. Then, you may go with a second share if desired. 

Keep a check on serving sizes, especially when you eat or drink out. In the United States, one of the major causes of obesity is huge portions served at everyplace. 

Any place you eat or drink, the serving sizes are huge. To tackle this, if out in a restaurant you may eat a small portion and pack rest of the meal. Or, prefer to order a smallish size drink. Even you may share your meal with friends/family/partner. 

What’s The Right Portion?

Chew your food. Eat slow and take time to finish your meal. Once you do this right, you’ll eat small portions and never over-eat in the future.

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Gone are those times when the whole family would sit and eat meals together. There was no television, phone, computer, or any other electronic device around. Just some good food, care and warmth around you.

Moreover, eating food in a haste isn’t good for your digestive health. A lot of food would go undigested and a lot of nutrients would go unabsorbed. 

But What If?

Some people doubt whether or not they’ll feel satiated with small portions. If you chew your food well. And, you eat slowly with your focus only on the food. There’s no reason, why you should not feel content.

Following an insufficiently active lifestyle, there must be some control over the amount of food we put in. Just not to lose weight, but also to feel lighter, healthier, and happier.

Let me know. Do you eat small portions? or Do you struggle with it?