Follow these 5 Daily Practices to Avoid Putting on Weight

Small steps do matter when you’ve a BIG goal to achieve. Today I share 5 daily practices which you should include in your everyday routine to avoid putting on weight. Let’s dive in.

Avoid Eating Straight From The Box/Bag/Packet

Pre-fix your portions before you eat it. This helps you control the amount of calories you consume each time. Make sure to not eat directly from a box/bag/packet as there are chances you may over-indulge. Instead first, remove a small amount aside. Then, if need be go for a second helping later on.

Chew Your Food Well

Practice chewing your food well. Most of the food is digested in your mouth. When you chew more, you tend to avoid excessive eating. You also feel satiated for longer which helps you take control over your cravings.

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Break The Sitting Habit 

Stand up to every 20 minutes you sit. People who lead sedentary lifestyle and sit more often have higher insulin responses. As a result, they are more prone to gain weight in the long run. If you have a desk job, make conscious efforts to remind yourself to stand up as often you can. A note in front on your computer, a reminder on phone, or an alarm app might help you keep on track.

Say Bye To Binge

Resisting temptations will only lead to binging later. For example, if you intend to eat a cupcake go ahead and eat it without feeling guilty. Why this works? Because, oftentimes when we stop our minds from doing a thing, the idea flops resulting in a blah binging cycle. Best is to eat everything, but in moderate proportions. Eat More.Eat Less.Never Avoid!

Refuse To Drink Your Calories

Sugary drinks have excess amounts of calories which may pose a problem for those looking to lose. Also, other drinks such as alcohol, tea, coffee may add on unnecessary calories in the form of sugar if you’re not careful. Instead of going for artificial sweetener alternatives, use natural resources such as plain water, iced lemon water, fruit infused drink, seltzer, home-made smoothie, vegetable juice, or coconut water. 

Small changes in your lifestyle makes a huge impact towards your weight and overall fitness. As it’s rightly said, “Change something daily. The secret to your success lies in your daily routine”.

Let me know! What’s that one small change you’ll make to your routine today?