I am going to share with you my #1 simple secret to weight loss which oftentimes people miss. No, it’s not related to food or exercise. Then? It’s simply eating slowly and chewing your food well. Yes, really!

So, lets begin with the basics. What’s the first thing your food comes in contact with? It’s your teeth, tongue, saliva, and mouth. The food you eat is first digested in your mouth. The most important part of a healthy body is chewing the food well. Before we focus on what foods to eat, let’s first learn to eat food the right way.

Chewing mindfully ensures you lose weight and naturally keep it off forever.

What is Chewing?

Chewing is the activity in which we use our teeth to mash the food we eat. There’s a reason, humans were born with teeth. As, babies we all have been through the painful process of teething. Result is we got beautiful set of teeth which we don’t even make use of anymore. Remember, digestion begins in your mouth.  For the best digestive health, we need to chew our foods very well.

You Eat Less

Quantity matters when weight loss is on your mind. As you eat slow plus chew your food well your senses are satiated. It will help you feel full which results in eating less calories. When you eat, make sure you’re away from all type of distractions. Enjoy every bite. Chew till the extent, the food turns liquid and mushy. Start with smaller portions on your plate. One morsel at a time. Breathe, pray or meditate before you eat. This habit comes with a little patience and practice.

It Controls Your Appetite 

There’s a link between chewing well and feeling satiated. Chewing the food well helps you taste your food thoroughly. When you enjoy the taste of your food, your cravings get sabotaged naturally. More the food is in contact with your tongue, more the taste receptors activate. This process alone satisfy your cravings.

You Store Less Fat

The saliva has enzymes which help digest fats and carbohydrate in the food. When the digestive system is powerful there’s a very low chance of any disease affecting your body. Also, good digestion directly impacts the health of your gut micro-biome. A great gut health is fundamentally linked with less body fat storage.

Did You Know?

Cows almost spend 8 hours per day to chew their food. They chew the food and swallow, after which the food is regurgitated back in their mouth for chewing. This is required for proper digestion and absorption of nutrients. No need to regurgitate your food.  Make sure next time, don’t just chug your food in. Keep chewing!

Let’s see what challenges you face when chewing your food? Do you eat slowly or just gulp your food down?