Soda is linked to many lifestyle diseases such as obesity, cancer, diabetes and many others. They contain sugar, artificial sugar, flavoring, colors, caffeine, sodium and other chemicals which may harm your health in the long run. It’s hard to quit soda and doing it cold turkey isn’t going to help you either. So what’s the solution here? When it’s about overcoming any habit, first learn to become patient. It won’t take a day to quit but may take several weeks or even months depending on the efforts you put in. I have listed 6 steps for you to follow which may help you quit soda. Stick to them and hope for the best!

Search For An Alternative

When you’re hooked to soda that means you might be in love with sugar, caffeine or fizz. If you like the bubbly effect, go for an unflavored sparkling water or maybe a plain seltzer. Some soda brands don’t have caffeine in them, make sure to read the ingredient list before buying. You also have an option to go for an unsweetened black cold coffee or an iced tea. As far as sugar goes, you might try a refreshing fruit infused water, iced fruit juice or a natural coconut water. Always opt for the unpackaged, unsweetened, and natural versions.

Slow And Steady Wins The Race 

Begin slow. You don’t want to rush here because you are looking for a long lasting fix not a temporary one. If you’re a regular soda drinker it’s tough to change the habit all of sudden. You might want to make gradual changes at first. For example, Instead of everyday, try an alternate day. Or if you drink few times a week, try switching it to once a  week. Slow doesn’t matter, what matters is that you’re not stopping. 

Distract Your Mind

There’re so many activities you may do to distract yourself from drinking soda. You just need to be creative and plan in advance for some interesting activities you love doing. For example, you might drink some water, go for a walk in nature , listen to your favorite music, talk to a close friend , read a book, watch a favorite show, practice deep breathing, go for shopping, try painting , play with your kid, or do anything you enjoy doing the most. 

Keep A Diary

Diary is your best friend. Make a special “Quit Soda Diary” and keep it close to you. Note down the time when you crave soda the most during the day. Also note down the feelings you experience post drinking it. Does your mood get better? or Do you feel more happier? Now, think of ways where you may probably try something else to give you the similar feeling. You may even write down your struggles, thoughts, failures, attempts , and your before/after mood to keep a track of your habit.

Get Support 

“I got your back” are the only words you may want to hear from someone during this time. This someone could be your close friend, your partner, your mom, your dad, or anyone who really cares about you. This is very important. Why? Because you will get responsible toward your actions. All you need to say is “Can you help me please?” And when you share your thoughts, feelings and problems you will naturally receive lots of love, care and warmth in return. Also, Research’s have shown that when you surround yourself around your well wishers , you are very much likely going to succeed in your goals.

Clear Intention

What do you intend to achieve after you quit this habit? What is your purpose behind quitting your habit? What is your major drive? Is it the good health you desire or your aim is to get back in shape ? Before you decide to quit this habit make sure you’re clear on your end objective. This might help you, especially when you’re down or need a strong reason to motivate you. 

Furthermore, remember to take it easy. Even if you fail, keep trying.  Take a break. And then try again. You might experience resistance and that’s completely fine as long as you don’t give up. Take one day at a time. And, you will get there eventually.

Share your experience! Comment down about your biggest struggle in quitting your soda habit?