Excessive sugar intake is the leading cause of obesity around the globe. We all are hit by sugar cravings and are often clueless on why that happens. The most common type of craving we generally experience is sweet. Let’s look at my Top 5 ways to stop sugar cravings once and for all. 

Balance Your Primary Food

Are your four primary foods in balance? Check in with yourself and ask these questions..

Relationships: Do you crave food or is it the love and care you need? Do you desire a meaningful friendship or do you really need to eat that bar of chocolate? Is it the feeling of loneliness you experience or do you just want to eat that piece of cake? 

Exercise: What if you just go walk your dog or go for a gym workout instead of give in your craving. Are you craving some movement in your life? Why not do some exercise and get a dose of feel good endorphins rather than go for a piece of candy ?

Career: Am I satisfied with my career? Is it my stress at work make me go for that cookie? 

Spirituality: What gives meaning to my life? Is it praying to god, being connected to nature, or meditating or something else? 

Substitute with Fruits

Fruits have natural sugars in them which may make a best healthy alternative. Choose sweeter versions like banana, watermelon, grapes, mango, apples etc. Always carry fruits with you when you travel. So, when a sudden craving strikes you may have a healthy option on hand.

There’s an ongoing debate on whether fruits are good for weight loss or not. As they have high amounts of sugar known as fructose, that might lead to fat storage. So be mindful of the quantity and have them in limits. This rule applies to everything you eat as anything in excess is not going to do you any good.

Break the Cycle

There’s a 4 step cycle which most of us go through all the time. It’s called the Crave-Control-Binge-Guilt cycle. First, we crave a food. Then we attempt to outsmart our minds and control ourselves. After a while, we eat that food anyways. And, then we go on a binge followed by feelings of guilt. To break this cycle, let’s learn to change our core thoughts about food. How? We just need to follow 3 things.. 

  1. If you feel a craving rise, just don’t block it. Let it flow. Accept it and move on.
  2. Then just go ahead and eat the food you crave without feeling guilty. Keep “one a serving” rule in mind. For Example: If you crave a chocolate cupcake next time, instead of going for 2, just eat 1. Or instead of going for 1, just eat half. 
  3. Sharing is caring. Share your food with a partner or a friend. That way you will share your LOVE and CALORIES.

Do Yoga

A relaxed mind is going to help you to make wiser decisions. There are a lot of yoga asanas(postures) which have proved to grow your concentration, mind control, and calmness. Moreover, deep breathing helps your mind gain clarity and reduces anxiety. Cravings arises from excess stress. And, following a regular yoga practice is a sure shot way to keep the cravings out of your lives. Try it!

Get Accountability

We get what we ask for. There’s no shame in asking for a little help and support from others. It could be anyone – your partner, family or a friend. If you feel your craving getting worse, all you need to do is talk it out and ask for some support from your well-wisher. There is a high chance you will be able to fix your craving, when you keep yourself surrounded with positive energy. 

If you still can’t take control over your sugar rush, don’t fret. We all have those days where we don’t want to follow any rules. Just breathe and stop being hard on yourself. Take one day at a time. Allow small and consistent changes. Never stop trying. And, Smile.

Comment.. Do you crave sugar? What steps have you followed to get rid of it?