Timing matters. When weight loss is on your agenda, eating the right food is not enough. Eating the meals at the right time also does impact your weight loss results. Let’s learn the best time to eat meals + lose weight.


EAT.. as you wake up. Because, our body’s in a fasting state. So, you need to replenish the body with a highly nutritious meal. Why? In a fasting state, your insulin levels are low in the blood. And so, during this hour the body’s absorptive capacity is at it’s peak. So, try to make it your most important meal of the day. 

If you start your day with a healthy meal, it’s very likely you’re going to eat healthy the whole day!

Start this month with a highly nutritious breakfast all day every day. I’ve put together a 30 day Breakfast ideas cheatsheet for you. CLICK HERE TO GET IT!


Lunch better be had before 1pm. This is to avoid the mid-afternoon slump which usually hits between 2-3pm. This way we may get enough time to digest one of our most heaviest meal of the day. Also some studies have shown those eating early lunch have a higher chance of losing weight. Maybe related to the fact that late lunch eaters usually tend to go overboard on calories. 


We all love snacks, don’t we? If you’re one of those who crave munchies, go with something healthy. Fresh fruits, unsalted roasted nuts and seeds, fresh veggie sticks, or a baked/roasted vegetable are some of the options to choose from. 

During this time, most of our cravings turn up and sabotage our diets. Snacking may increase your calorie intake in doubles. So make sure to plan ahead and choose wisely on this one. Have more fibrous fruits and vegetables to keep blood sugar levels stabilized.


Early dinner gives you.. 

  1. Better sleep
  2. Lighter weight
  3. Faster metabolism 

Strive to have an early supper. by 6pm. Also, have a high protein dinner to keep off the mid-night cravings. Include lean meat, lentils, fish, eggs, quinoa, any unprocessed cheese, tofu, all nuts, seeds, milk etc onto your dinner menu.

What time do you generally eat your meals? Comment below and let me know if you would make any change to your routine timings?