Rooted from India, spice was a norm in my pantry. I literally have grown up eating spices. Don’t they make your food mouthwatering as well as enjoyable? Spices are a must for you especially when your one and only goal is weight loss. Surprised? Let’s look at some of the spices and what role they play in weight reduction.


Also known as the golden spice is beneficial to your body in numerous ways. It has a compound called as curcumin- which may help in preventing inflammation in the body. Studies have linked inflammation with weight gain and other lifestyle diseases. Make sure to use this spice over cooked food as it has a very strong and pungent taste. You may sprinkle it over soups, lentils, or any cooked vegetable. 

Cayenne Pepper 

It adds spice or heat to your food. Capsaicin, in it is useful in upping your metabolism. Increased metabolism is crucial in burning calories and losing weight. It may also suppress your appetite that may help prevent overeating and binging. Though, use it in moderation, as it may have possible side effects such as heartburn and digestive issues.


This sweet spice is used in both savory and sweet dishes. When sugar in the blood is high, insulin is released and excess sugar is stored as fat in your body. Cinnamon stabilizes your blood sugar levels and prevents fat storage. 

Carom Seeds

These have a strong pungent and spicy flavor to it. They are used mostly in Indian cuisine. Also, are excellent in curing any kind of digestive issues and help in reducing that bloaty feeling. Moreover, when your digestive system is working sturdy, the fat is metabolized efficiently. 


The most expensive spice in the world is the best mood enhancer. When you’re less stressed you make better food choices. Moreover, some studies suggest that saffron helps in reducing the appetite to a large extent. So, less the impact of ghrelin hormone (the hunger hormone) , the more you prevent fat storage.

Fennel Seeds

This is an aromatic spice, sweet to taste. It’s function is to reduce flatulence, keep bloating at bay, and has a mild diuretic effect. You may lightly roast it and eat it as is, or use it to prepare tea, or may even add to a sweet/savory dish.

Black Pepper

One of the most common spice used all over the world helps reduce fat. How? A component named piperine, which gives it a sharp pungent taste is said to be a detoxifier, anti-inflammatory and helps in fat cell breakdown. Well, you should go ahead and pepper your meals right away!

Ginger Root

This is #1 spice you should include in your daily diet. It’s anti-inflammatory properties makes it the most eligible fat burning food. Also, it’s been used as a natural herbal remedy for cold, sore throat, flatulence, bloat, and digestive distress. Ginger and lemon concoction works really well for reducing the belly fat. 


Cumin is the best digestive aid out there! It’s useful for the stomach and the whole digestive system. It helps in controlling blood sugar levels, hence promotes less fat storage. It’s pungent, nutty flavor could be used in soups, vegetable dishes, or lentil preparation.


Nutmeg is mostly used in both sweet and savory preparation. It’s metabolism boosting abilities makes it a must have kitchen spice. It’s a warm winter spice, so use it as a flavoring in your tea and warm soups. 

Spices not only have weight loss benefits, but also are extremely rich in micronutrients and antioxidants. Any dish is complete in and out with addition of spices. Remember, eating spices alone won’t magically help you lose weight. But making small healthy changes in your lifestyle will. 

Note: Spices must be used in small quantities as a seasoning only and not as a high dose supplement!

Let me know down in the comments. How often do you cook your food with spices? Which ones are your favorite?