You need a heck lot of dedication when you need to lose weight. Any amount of effort you put in each day will take you one step closer to your  goal. Your #1 step should be to plan your day. What does your typical day look like? What kind of healthy changes could you make to your routine? I have outlined – what your daily routine should look like when your goal is to lose weight.  Let’s begin!

7-9 AM

Wake up, sunshine!

First, the morning air is the freshest. Fresh air gives you positive thoughts. And, positive thoughts lead to positive actions.

Be an early riser and stop procrastinating your health!

Studies have shown that early risers have lower body mass index(BMI, ratio of your weight to height). Owing to the fact that, you’re exposed to morning sunshine with a rich dose of Vitamin D. And, Deficiency of this vitamin is linked with fat storage in your body.


Meditation releases your stress. Lower stress levels lowers the hormone cortisol, which gives you a flat belly. When you meditate, you become more calm and more focussed. Calm mind helps you make wiser decisions related to your food. Maybe do it for a few minutes initially, then move it further as you feel comfortable.

Drink H20

Wake up and drink water. This ensures that your body is cleansed and all the waste is eliminated. Also, it will give you a clearer gut that will function better. Further, your digestive ability will improve and your good bacteria will stay in place. More the good bacteria, better is your metabolism and lesser food cravings. 

Morning walk

Take a brisk walk in the morning. Any amount of activity is going to be good for you when you have weight to lose. The basic form of exercise is walking. It can be done by anyone, anywhere and anytime. No injury, nothing fancy, just perfect!


A quick healthy breakfast is a must. Mornings are generally a rush time. So, try to simplify your breakfast and make it pre-planned. Here are a few examples you may include:

  • A fresh smoothie 
  • An egg omelette with veggies 
  • Warm oatmeal porridge
  • A colorful fruit platter 

Anything which is- high fiber, less processed, and natural should work.

10-12 PM

Write notes

Make a note of some few important goals for the day. Set priorities. When you know your priority, life gets simpler. Most importantly, Think Positive! When you nourish your mind with positivity and belief , your goal becomes easy and doable.

Keep a bottled water near you..

As the day passes by, we become more busy and consume less water. We often confuse thirst with hunger signals. Drink water when you feel a craving strike in.


Yoga and stretching doesn’t have to be hard. Stretching help your joints become flexible, which may help you better perform other tough exercises. And, those challenging exercises could help you lose weight. Usually people put off exercise with a no time excuse. Simple is the best. Go ahead and follow an exercise routine suitable to your schedule. 

1-5 PM

Lunch light

Go easy on starchy foods such as roots and tubers, rice, grains. These promote lethargy, so better had in less quantity. Also, instead of reaching out for coffee or tea, try to eat a fresh fruit. Fruits stabilizes your blood sugar levels and may help beat those mid-afternoon cravings.

Beat the sugar/salt cravings

We usually blow on our diet during this time period. So, be wary by taking a light stroll or drinking some water to beat the cravings.

6-8 PM

Dinner by 7pm

Dinner is the last meal of the day. Better done early! It’s somewhat true that eating before bed could make you fatter. Because you are least active in the evening. Hence, you don’t need a lot of calories in your body as it would just be stored and not used. If you’re eating late, better have a low calorie meal.

 Examples include:

  • Vegetable salad
  • Bowl of soup
  • Meat and a side of veggies
  • Roasted veggie platter



We often overlook a self-care routine. The best person to take care of your body is YOU. Make a bedtime routine for yourself. Massage, a warm bath, aromatherapy, or anything which may make you feel loved and pampered. It’s going to feel awesome, promise!

What does your everyday routine look like? Also, share if you have any health goals on mind!