Let’s make this simple. I have 5 simple secrets to share to help you with your weight loss goals. And, here they go..

Do intermittent fasting 

An occasional fast is good for you. Intermittent fasting gives you a lot of benefits if done correctly. It may seem a harsh way of losing weight, but it works, really.

So, hows it done? Basically, in a 24 hour period you abstain from food for 16 hours. Next, you consume regular meals during the other 8 hours. You may drink water during the fasting stage. Black tea, black coffee, green tea is allowed but, in my opinion it’s just best to avoid taking in anything. Just water. 

How it helps me lose weight?

  • It suppresses your appetite, reduces the production of ghrelin hormone a.k.a a hunger or fat storage hormone in the body.
  • It stimulates the production of human growth hormone in your body. Which means, more muscle mass, bone density, and less fat storage. 
  • When you fast, less insulin releases in the body. Less fat gets stored. And so your body becomes a fat burning machine, literally!

You just cannot start fasting out of the blue and expect it to work. Take baby steps. Maybe start doing it once a week. Then, take it to alternate days or everyday. Keep in mind, your 16 hour time window must match your lifestyle. My best bet is to choose a fasting window according to your sleeping schedule. 

Not everyone is meant to fast. Consult with your doctor before changing your routine.

Eat less sugary foods

Extra sugar is stored as fat, period. Any packaged food you buy has hidden sugars in them. If your goal is to lose weight, plan to start eating whole natural foods. Be a smart shopper. Search for any extra sugar on the label and the ingredient list. Refrain from buying anything which has more than 5g of sugar. 

Find time for exercise

People who are active often never have trouble with their weight. Lazy lifestyle is only giving you more fat and no health. We often relate exercise with a task or a goal. Instead treat it as a part of your everyday routine. 

Do we ever forget to eat? Don’t we find time from our busy schedules to eat food? Why can’t we do this with exercise. Why don’t we crave exercise? It definitely shouldn’t be boring. Make it interesting and do what makes you happy.

Maybe play with your kid in the park or walk your dog outside. Whether you like playing your dearest sport or love dancing at a favorite tune. It doesn’t have to be fancy, really! Just be creative, have fun, and put efforts in moving your body everyday. 

Choose plant foods 

Nothing against animal foods. They’re great. Just, going vegan is helpful especially when your goal is to lose weight. Why? Unlike animal foods, plant foods are naturally filled with fiber which is useful to keep you full and satisfied. Again raw fruits and vegetables are better as they have less calories and less fat. This means you can eat more and feel light. 

Which plant foods to eat? 

Choose natural foods. Fruit and vegetables are in the top list. Whole grains, legumes, nuts, and seeds with high carb content are best had in reasonable amounts. Make sure anything you buy is not packaged or if packaged, doesn’t have a long ingredient list. 

And for healths sake stop thinking about protein, already! Plant foods if had in balance and combination with other foods have sufficient amounts of protein for your body.

Find your drive

Motivated enough to lose weight? What drives you towards your goal? Remember, Success begins with a strong desire. I hope you know that to accomplish anything you need to have a solid reason to do it. 

Start by asking yourself – Why you want this? When your mind knows the answer, you start valuing your goal even more. And, with a strong drive in mind you will then start planning and making it a reality!

What’s one simple change you will make today? Share your thoughts with me!