When I think of weight loss, I want it be simple for you. There’s no one right method to it. We have to try and test every route possible to see what works! Today, I want to share 6 fun ideas to quick start your weight loss. Ready?

Eat less carbs

Okay, we all have heard this! Carbs is not the villain here, my friend. Just eat them less. And here’s the reason..According to research, Carbs a.k.a sugars if had in excess is stored as fats in our bodies. Excess carbs and fats are going to distant you from your weight loss goal! So, How much is less? Aim to eat 2-3 servings of carb-rich foods everyday. Carb rich foods include cereals and millets (wheat rice corn e.t.c), pulses and legumes (lentils,beans e.t.c), roots and tubers (potato,yam,sweet potato, e.t.c), table sugar, honey, and other sweeteners.

Jump rope

Skipping, hopping, jumping are the most fun exercises you’ll ever do. You sweat, heart pumps, and burn calories at a faster rate. Jumping rope may burn upto 500-1000 calories per hour! Crazy, isn’t it? Moreover, you can do this activity anywhere you want. No excuses! No rope? Pretend one and just jump!

Sip warm water

Warm water helps clear the gut. Many  people are constipated to the point when they go without pooping for days and weeks! Warm water massages the stomach from inside and effectively removes all the toxins and waste from the system.

Detoxing your body helps body treat inflammation (the leading cause of fat storage in our bodies!) So, when your stomach is cleansed, it digests food properly and prevents a bloaty tummy!

Avoid a snack

Think. Snacking is the only time when we crave unhealthy foods! Unnecessary munching is the sure shot way of taking in more calories. Craving for a snack? Maybe try eating well-balanced filling main meals. If, still not satisfied. Go for lighter options like fresh fruits. They are low in calories and might stop that mid afternoon sweet itch!

Egg a day

The most balanced and healthiest food on planet!

Egg is perfect for you as it’s 

  • Low in carbs
  • Low in calories
  • Complete protein
  • Quick and easy to prepare
  • Filling and satiating 

And, pleaaseeee eat the whole egg to get the whole benefits! 

Don’t eat after 6 pm

Dinner is one meal which is left for celebrations! We are more prone to make unhealthy choices here. If you’re one of those who is a late eater. Go with lighter options such as vegetables, broth, soups, salad e.t.c. Best to stay away from carb rich foods, dairy, fried foods, alcohol, and sugary drinks.

What will you do today to get one step closer to your weight loss goal?

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