We all want someone to push us towards our goals, especially when it comes to leading a healthy life. Don’t we need someone to hold us accountable for our actions, inspire us to eat healthy, or remind us that we need to exercise daily?

A Health Coach may help you.

Health Coach is a professional wellness mentor who will help assess your unique body needs. Whether you need to overcome a food craving, lose weight  or just achieve a particular health goal, a Health Coach will sit with you and listen to you with a beginner’s mind.

There is an enormous health crisis today all around the world. Being a Health Coach gives us an opportunity to be able to help people to live a better life that they deserve.

How is a Health Coach different than other Healthcare Professionals?

Health Coach gives you a holistic view of life.  They help you with..

  • Nutrition: Put emphasis on adding more nutritious foods onto your plate, by crowding out the unhealthy versions.
  • Primary Foods: When primary foods such as relationships, work, exercise, and spiritual life are in balance, the food you eat is just secondary.
  • Bio-individuality: Every individual is different. No two people have same needs.  There’s no one size fits all diet!
  • Accountability: Support is all we need when we are getting started on our journey towards a healthy life. Think of it like having an amazing mate who you trust to support you in your progress in accomplishing your health goals.

Health coach is a fundamental addition to the world of other health professionals such as RD’s, Nutritionists, Physical trainers, Chiropractors etc having common agenda in helping clients improve their health in a knowledgable environment.

Though, it must be noted that Health Coaches are trained professionals in giving health, wellness, and nutritional advice but they are NOT Medical Professionals and therefore, they aren’t responsible for diagnose, treatment or cure of any disease.

5 reasons why you should work with a Health Coach..

  1. First, you have a health goal on mind. For example, you need to get rid of your sugar craving habit. Or, you want become slim once and for all, or you are simply looking for someone’s support.
  2. You want a listening ear to your problems. A Health Coach will  listen to your issues by being present. Also, give you the personal space where you can ask questions or state any concerns.
  3. You want to focus on your overall health and wellness. Not just a diet plan, nutrition or any exercise suggestion. A Health coach may dig deep for answers, give importance to all aspects of your health.
  4. You believe in natural remedy. Along with food and nutrition you want to focus on your mental and emotional well-being as well.
  5. You want to achieve health as well as happiness. You just don’t want to treat the symptom, but want to understand the root cause.

Health Coaches are upcoming specialists in today’s health revolution. There is an absolute demand for Health Coaches in the fitness industry for the need of a diet and lifestyle improvement and health goal enrichment for our better health and well-being.

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