We all have that one weight loss story to share, don’t we? We’ve struggled hard and worked our butts off to see those numbers move on the scale. You must have tried every diet possible. Have they worked? Did we get any permanent results?

If your one and only wish is to lose weight, then I think we both must agree – weight loss is no joke. There’s quite a lot you need to do to see those changes. So, what’s the secret to a successful weight loss story? Well, losing weight is no magic wand trick! It needs plenty of patience and most of all, no excuses!

So, here goes my 3 EASY STEPS you can do right now to start losing weight and seeing results. Let’s begin!


Without any motivation, do we really care to do a single task on hand? Don’t we need a really strong reason to do the task? Don’t you think there’s a connection between your emotion and that reason?

Think. What’s your reason? This is the #1 question I ask to my clients. Because I need to understand the actual reason behind my clients goals.  As they say, thoughts lead to action. If you have a goal in your mind, you must first be clear why do you want to achieve it?

Losing weight is similar to training your mind. It’s actually easy to lose weight, trust me. The Internet is brimming with all the resources you need – to help you get to your goals. Mr Google has made it so easy for us. Don’t you think? But, then is it all enough? Do we really follow any of it? What’s missing, here?

Let me explain you with an example…

Suppose, Both PERSON A and PERSON B have similar goal –  that is to lose weight and get healthy.

PERSON A : Makes a plan and follows a healthy routine by – working out regularly, eating natural whole foods, and avoiding processed artificial foods. PERSON B : First, made it clear why he/she would want to lose weight? What should the final outcome look like? Is it worth going through the binge-guilt cycle? What motivates me towards this goal?

As, PERSON A has no strong purpose to look forward to, therefore has higher chances to quit their goal. While, PERSON B is strongly motivated towards their goal and hence has a solid reason to continue towards their goal to make it a reality.

Make sense? So, each time you set a goal which looks tough to accomplish, take a step back and think what’s your reason? What motivates you?

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How do I lose weight? This is the most common question I get asked by my clients. So, what’s the solution here? Food. The most simple answer to your question. Is it that simple? Don’t we often tend to muck up on this topic?

When your only goal is to lose weight, a balanced DIET must be your top-most priority. Keep in mind to focus on MORE not LESS. I mean, give emphasis on foods which provide more nutrition to your body. Everything else just follows. Crowd out the bad foods from your diet by including more healthier versions.  

What to eat MORE?

Consider entering any supermarket or grocery store. What’s the first section you notice? Produce. – VEGETABLES and FRUITS. That’s the one section you don’t want to miss. Everything is whole, natural, and fresh. They are filled with nutrition and have the least calories.

Keep in mind, ORGANIC is always a better choice. If that’s not available or too pricey, try a CLEAN FIFTEEN and DIRTY DOZEN list to make a better choice when you shop next time.  

Let’s be real. There are certain foods if eaten in excess, are not going to help you lose any weight.

So, eat LESS of: 
  • Anything that’s Calorie-rich  – Includes Whole grains, Pulses, Meat, Fish, Egg, Dairy, Alcohol, Oil. We usually eat these foods as is, or in the combination with other foods. Even though they contain a lot of nutrition, they should be had in limited quantity.
  • Anything that’s Man-Made – Packaged foods with added chemicals, preservatives, colors, additives, sugars, and what not. As, they are the sole active triggers for fat, inflammation, and disease in your body. Moreover, these foods have the highest amount of calories and little to no nutrition.
  • Anything that’s not Fresh –  Foods which are canned, frozen, and preserved are not only leading cause of many lifestyle diseases but also add no value to your weight loss goals. They are loaded with sugar, salt and preservatives making you bloated, fat and sickly.  
Never say AVOID!

So that, we don’t fall in the rut of eating-binge-guilt cycle. For example- Ask yourself, What’s the first thought that comes to the mind when someone asks us to avoid anything? Don’t we get curious and do the the complete opposite of that? That’s how our mind works when it comes to food.

In reality, You don’t need to avoid any kind of food.  Simply, Eat LESS.  Next, Stop making excuses and consider eating healthier versions of any food you choose. Make it palatable. And, always Trust NATURE..for food!


Unless you’re waiting for your eggs to hatch, you must get off your couch right now! Also, If you have a sitting job, try to stand after every 20 minutes. Perform this as sets. Do as many sets as possible during the day.


Studies have shown that people who are healthy, active and lean are on their feet more often. If you have a desk job, make conscious efforts to get up from your chair as often as you can. Maybe keep a reminder on your phone or a sticky note on your computer. See what works for you. Opt to stand rather than just sit.



The most basic and simplest form of exercise is a walk. No fancy equipment needed. Most importantly, walking is easy on your joints and is the best low impact exercise. If you are a newbie to exercise, just start with a simple walk. The more you walk the more you get stronger, energized, and LEAN!  

Don’t worry about the calories burned as it’s different for every individual. It’s based on many factors such as your basal metabolic rate, your speed, your current weight, height and much more. Just focus on taking as many steps as you can to see your weight loss goals become reality!

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